Treatment for Substance Abuse

treatment for substance abuseSubstance abuse can only end badly for the person abusing. Substance abuse does damage to a person on social, psychological, chemical and emotional levels. The faster a person can end substance abuse, the better off they are. Unfortunately, ending substance abuse usually presents a number of challenges, especially if the person has become dependent on the substance. Dependence and addiction are very serious struggles which have many characteristics of disease. It has been verified that the most reliable way of ending substance abuse is by submitting to a professional form of substance abuse treatment.

There are several varieties of substance abuse treatment available. The most familiar and common form is inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation, or rehab. Inpatient rehab has proven to be very effective for severe substance abusers. The inpatient rehab process involves a detoxification to work the substance out of the individual’s system and intensive counseling and therapy for substance abuse, all while living on site in a safe substance abuse treatment facility. When treatment is over, the individual can re-enter the world through a sober living program, which is housing and continued counseling provided by the substance abuse center.

The other method of treating a substance abuse problem is through outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation. This form of treatment relies on similar philosophies and methods as inpatient rehabilitation, but the individual does not live on site. Instead, they make regular visits to a treatment center for counseling and therapy. Outpatient substance abuse treatment has not proven as effective as inpatient substance abuse treatment, but it can work very well for certain situations. Typically, less severe substance abusers can benefit from outpatient treatment because its model is less intensive and better suited to more minor cases of substance abuse.

Substance abuse has the potential to ruin your job or schooling, personal relationships, physical health and mental stability. If you or someone in your life is struggling with substance abuse, seek out the substance abuse treatment resources in your area and receive necessary treatment.