It is more common for young people to try out drugs and alcohol than adults, and there is a high possibility that once the habit is being developed, it could follow them into adulthood. Preventing teenagers from substance abuse, ensures that they successfully overcome a phase of their lives when they are very likely to come down with an addiction.

Now, the purpose of prevention of substance abuse in teenagers, is to make sure that, for instance, they do not have their first drink, till their brain is mature enough to make important decisions.

Below are some of the demerits of substance abuse in teenagers:

  • Mental health issues which includes anxiety and depression
  • Tense relationship between friends and family
  • Physical health issues
  • Academic challenges

Based on statistics, it has been seen that some teenagers are at a higher risk of coming down with substance abuse than others. Hence, there is an important need to know those who need prompt help than others.

Below are the usual risk factors for teenagers:

  • Those in the phase of transition: Teenagers who are moving from elementary to high school, are often faced with new challenges and pressures. Hence, there is a likely chance that if care is not taken, they would be faced with substance abuse. These young teenagers would find it easy to take drugs and alcohol if they are exposed to it.
  • Those suffering from mental health issues: Asides the fact that adults are usually those who are faced with mental health problems, teenagers too also face mental health issues at their tender age. In most cases, those who are facing depression, anxiety and the likes, are often those who are vulnerable to coming down with substance abuse problem.
  • Those who do not have positive adult impacts: It is very likely that teenagers who grew up in homes or communities where there are no moral standards, are prone to being caught in the web of substance abuse. Also, those who grew up with people who abused alcohol or drugs, are likely to toe the same path.

It is essential that teenagers are well educated on the demerits of substance abuse, highlighting on the fact that it has a detrimental effect on their brain, and their lives in the long run. Teenagers who are already addicted to either drugs or alcohol, should be taken to substance abuse rehabilitation centers where they can receive immediate help.